CENTRAS have been established under the Decree of IPB university Rector No.061/K13/OT/2005 with the spirit to utilize and develop biological resources, particularly animal resources, livestock or wild animals that have the potential to serve as a source of food, clothes, energy, and tourism.
CENTRAS-LPPM-IPB scope oriented and focused on the 5 (five) as the principal areas of core competence. CENTRAS-LPPM IPB scope oriented program for:
1. Animal Health and The Veterinary Epidemiology
2. Husbandry Socio-Economic and Animal Health
3. Wild Animal and Aquatic Animal
4. Nutrition and Feed Technology
5. Production and Livestock


“Being an international research center on IPTEKS (science and technology) of tropical animal development relate to provide high benefits for community welfare”.


“To carry out research activities on Indonesian tropical animal resources for food security, community empowerment, and science and tecnology development for environmental sustainability”.


1. To conduct studies activities on Indonesian tropical animals potency and its supporting factors.
2. To provide input and critical evaluation on government polices relate to tropical animals potencies development and
improvement for public welfare
3. To disseminate research results of tropical animals potencies development and improvement public through seminars,
worksop, and scientific publications.
4. To improve a competency of human resources through aligned through research, training and enterprunerships.

CENTRAS Division Activities

1. Division of Nutrition and Feed Technology
The development of various types of tropical feed resources, livestock utilization systems in environmental conservation programs and land reclamation, and development of feed quality control system.
2. Division of Breeding and Reproduction
Utilization and preservation of germplasm of local animals and livestock. Development of livestock product processing technology, development of livestock industry, and development and management of environmentally friendly livestock industry.
3. Division of Animal Health and Environmental Epidemiology
Conducting research on the epidemiology of animal diseases and environmental health, risk analysis on the spread of animal diseases and environmental health, and organizing activities to increase the competence of resources in the field of epidemiology
4. Division of Livestock and Animal Health Socio-Economic
To conduct research on socio-economic impacts on animal disease outbreaks, cost-benefit analysis of animal disease prevention and control activities, and feasibility study on livestock development. Particular training to improve human resouce.
5. Division of Wildlife and Aquatic
Conducting research on the monitoring and control of the health of wild and aquatic animals and organizing implementation of wildlife conservation

Core Competence


CENTRAS is supported by researchers who are mostly qualified Doctorates and Masters of Science alumni from foreign universities (America, Europe, Japan, Australia) and well-known domestic universities. In addition, CENTRAS also has supporting staff in various fields including:
1. veterinarian
2. medical conservation veterinarian
3. aquatic health veterinarian and expert
4. feed nutritionist
5. livestock development expert
6. economist and sociologist
7. statician

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